Plan Standards Board

The Plan Standards Board manages the development of standards concerning any interaction between airlines and any other parties for the purposes of exchanging information about which services are intended to be made available and to whom; and the management of any corresponding reference data.
This includes, but is not limited to, schedule and slot information exchange standards, minimum connecting time standards, multilateral interline traffic agreements and industry coding reference data.

Groups under PSB

Exhaustion of Flight Numbers and Industry Codes Group

The Group’s focus will be on considering impacts, evaluating new flight identifier and codes options, exploring and recommending short- and long-term industry solutions while assessing the current PSC Resolutions governing such standards.

Industry Coding Group

Deals with matters concerning industry coding, including the associated business requirements including but not limited to airline designators, accounting codes and prefixes; location codes; and baggage tag issuance codes.

Interline Group

Deals with matters concerning the interline system, and multilateral interline agreements.

Minimum Connect Time Group

Deals with matters concerning the presentation, application and transfer of MCT data between airlines and data aggregators including the associated business requirements.

Schedules Publication Group

Deals with amendments to IATA codes in particular the Aircraft Types, Passenger Terminal Indicators, Region Codes and UTC-Local Time Comparisons.

Slot Messaging Group

Deals with matters concerning information exchange and standards related to Airport slot/schedule coordination between airlines, airport coordinators and facilitators including the associated business requirements.